Quality assurance

Quality assurance and reliability are confirmed by the recognition and appreciation of our clients as well as the recommendations of our partners!

When choosing a business partner it is important to pay attention to the criterion of reliability!

1. Test by the market and time: age and reputation of the company

Stable standing at the market and recognition of the clients as well as of professional business community → a right indicator of a partner’s competency and reliability.

  • Ever since the beginning CUBQ demonstrates stable development and annual growth of key indicators.
  • 700 clients cooperate with us for more than 3 years.

2. Legitimacy of activity

Conscientious implementation of the government agencies’ demands by the transport company → guarantee of business security.

  • We have access to International Road Transport since 2004 – the tool of government control of transport companies’ activity, exists only in the Russian Federation. Unfair participants have no barriers to market access.
  • We are put in the Federal Custom Services register of reliable carriers.

3. Responsible business dealing

Professional legal paperwork.

Professional and transparent clerical duties → the guarantees of quick and full document delivery while cross-audit and 100 % VAT charge in 10 years.

  • Following all the requirements of the Russian tax code to accounting documents.
  • Liability insurance is the guarantee of repayment of finance in case of loss, damage of cargo.
  • Our liability according to CMR insurance policy as carrier and forwarder is 800 000 euro.

4. Company size: big self-sufficient company would become a worthy and stable partner

Staff number and branch network → a guarantee of smoothly running and highly organized work process, stability of presence in business is pawn of long-term partnership.

  • 270 employees and the offices in three countries.
  • We are the members of 6 professional communities.

5. Nomenclature of services and the geography footprint

A wide array of possibilities → guarantee of completion any logistics tasks.

  • We provide 15 kinds of services on the territory of more than 30 countries.
  • We specialize in project and large-size transportations, including far and hard to access regions.

6. Privacy policy

High standards of privacy → guarantee of commercial secrets preservation.

  • We take necessary technical and organizational measures to protect commercial information of our business partner.
  • Our priority is observance of the principals of business ethic in our industry.

7. Quality control and security control → security of a partner’s business

  • Organized company’s security policy is aimed at risk minimization.
  • We strictly control professional eligibility of every contractor.
8. Existence of the recommendations
  • The expanded recommendations from big companies are obligatory for a company that responsibly treats its partners.
  • We provide serious recommendations from big companies. The best recommendation for us is positive rate of growth of our regular customers.

While taking decision about cooperation we make comparable demands to our contractors and future partners.

Promptness and responsible attitude of CUBQ employees is the guarantee of high quality of services!